ORCA Multi-Use 11L


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Full Description

The ORCA Multi-Use is a range of multi-use, high performance passive temperature-controlled packaging systems. The ORCA Multi-Use uses an innovative design, ensuring compliance and efficiency, all whilst minimising wasted space and volumetric weight, leading to reduced shipment costs.

The ORCA Multi-Use is rigorously tested and qualified against ISTA 7D to ensure a minimum of 96 hours protection against even the most extreme temperatures. The ORCA Multi-Use range utilises advanced Phase Change Materials (PCM) and Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP), creating unparalleled performance when compared against water based systems, ensuring costly temperature excursions can be avoided.

The ORCA Multi-Use 11L system is capable of transporting payloads of up to 11.7L and with maximum payload dimensions of 227 x 227 x 227mm. When fully conditioned and prepared the system weighs 12.8kg and ensures a minimum performance of 96 hours.

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