Food Testing Sample

Intelsius supplies test kits and packaging systems for establishments such as abattoirs, laboratories, meat plants and food retailers, who are required to send samples of food for routine testing for salmonella bacteria and other potential threats to public health. In many cases these samples require regulatory compliant packaging and some require temperature-controlled solutions.


Meat Testing Sample

Intelsius testing kits make the process of sending food samples seamless and intuitive with easy to follow packaging instructions and labelling provided as standard. Testing kits can be tailored and matched to specific requirements ensuring testing can be completed compliantly with minimal wastage.


Intelsius’ PathoShield and BioShield sample transport products are complete shipping solutions designed to carry sample containers. Each system is pre-printed with the required markings and includes the relevant components to ship samples in compliance with transport regulations, and are available in a variety of sample capacities.

The BioTherm range is ideal for transporting food samples where temperature control is required. These shipping systems are pre-qualified to maintain sample integrity during shipments from 24 to 240 hours against Intelsius’ demanding High-Performance Dry Ice temperature, 2-8°C profiles and 15-25°C profiles.

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