Clinical Trial testing

The compliant delivery of critical clinical trial supplies and samples is complex, so it’s important to partner with a packaging expert with the knowledge and understanding of all the risks involved.

Communication and flexibility are crucial when creating the perfect clinical trial solution; our sales experts can offer advice on the transportation of a wide variety of pharmaceuticals and samples.

A variety of labels, sample containers, primaries and secondaries can be added to achieve the most efficient solution, and if required, category A compliance. The Intelsius product range can satisfy expectations throughout the entire clinical trial process, from intricate phase I trials all the way to larger phase III trials.

Our PathoPak and PathoShield sample transport solutions are complete shipping solutions designed to carry a wide range of primaries including swabs, blood vials and sample containers. Combined with our range of BioTherm temperature-controlled packaging, both the PathoPak and PathoShield products provide complaint, easy to use packaging solutions where clinical trial logistics require specific temperature controls.

For further information about how Intelsius clinical trial services can support and enhance your clinical trial please contact your local branch.

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