Blood Bags for Blood Transportation

Transportation of blood and blood products within the correct temperature range and conditions, from the point of collection from blood donors, to transfusion to the patients is of the utmost importance. The transit time for these components should not normally exceed 24 hours, as any excursions from the specified temperature ranges during transportation can have a detrimental effect on efficacy.

We have a range of superior temperature-controlled packaging solutions that can be used to transport various blood components, including the red cell component where the payload will require stable temperatures of 2°C-8°C, and platelets which need a constant temperature of between 20°C-24°C.

Intelsius’ ORCA Multi-Use, ORCA Response, and PharmaTherm 2-8 high performance range of solutions provide up to 168 hours of superior thermal protection for 2-8°C, 15-25°C, 20-24°C, -20°C and deep-frozen temperature sensitive payloads.

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Our Recommended Products for Blood Transport