In this simple guide, we’ll cover how to buy Intelsius packaging, including labels, components, and UN3373, UN2841 and UN2900 compliant sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging solutions direct from our website.

This guide is for customers ordering online for delivery throughout Europe. For our American customers, please visit to place your order.

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Intelsius Packaging Solutions

Buy Intelsius UN3373, UN2841 and UN2900 Compliant Packaging Online

You can purchase the entire range of Intelsius UN3373, UN2841 and UN2900 packaging solutions direct from our website.

Our range includes Category A and B compliant 95kPa bags, rigid secondaries, outer packaging, temperature-controlled packaging, and complete, all-in-one sample shipping solutions that comprise Category A and B compliance, with temperature-controlled outer packaging that is fully compliant to IATA, ADR, and 49 CFR (DOT) transport regulations.

All our temperature-controlled solutions come in a range of temperature profiles, including dry ice, -20°C, 2-8°C and 15-25°C, as well as a range of sizes and configurations.

Available sample transport ranges include:

  • BioTherm – temperature-controlled outer
  • PathoPak – rigid secondary
  • PathoShield – complete primary and secondary sample packaging
  • ORCA Sample Transport – complete, all-in-one temperature-controlled sample transport solution
  • BioShield – secondary sample carrier
  • BioTherm Extreme – temperature-controlled outer for extreme external temperature profiles
  • BioCarrier – rigid temperature-controlled outer packaging
  • BioMailer – complete primary and secondary sample shipper for small samples
  • Veterinary Field Kit – complete primary and secondary sample collection and transport solution for animal samples

Available temperature-controlled packaging solutions include:

As well as both sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging, you can also purchase individual components, and all relevant labels for the compliant shipping of Category A and B payloads.

Available labels and components include:

  • UN3373 labels
  • Multi-label sheets
  • PCM panels
  • Absorbents
  • PathoSeal 95kPa bags
  • PathoPouch 95kPa bags

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Intelsius Packaging Family

Finding the Correct Packaging Solution

When navigating from the homepage, you’ll see the ‘Buy Online‘ tab clearly marked in the top bar. Hovering over this tab will present you with a drop-down menu split between sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging.

buy online intelsius screenshot

Sample transport is split into five further sub-categories:

  • Category A (UN2841 and UN2900)
  • Category B (UN3373)
  • Postal Kits
  • Temperature-Controlled Samples
  • View All

Temperature-controlled packaging is split into five further sub-categories:

  • 2-8°C
  • 15-25°C
  • -20°C
  • Dry Ice
  • View All

Select your specific packaging type, or click ‘View All’ to browse the complete range of Intelsius sample transport or temperature-controlled solutions.



Intelsius Packaging Family

Filtering and Customising

Once into the main shop page for sample transport or temperature-controlled packaging, you’ll be presented with the relevant solutions (our entire range if you clicked, ‘View All’). From here, you can apply a number of filters (found on the left-hand side) to help you find the right solution for you.

intelsius sample transport shop screenshot

Filtering options include:

  • Bag type
  • Duration (for temperature-controlled solutions)
  • Dry ice addition (for temperature-controlled solutions)
  • Market sector (what you’re shipping)
  • Payload volume
  • Pre-conditioned (for temperature-controlled solutions)
  • Range (product brand range)
  • Sample size
  • Shipping configuration
  • Size
  • System type
  • Temperature range
  • Usage

Once you’ve applied your specific filters, you can browse the solutions best fitted to your shipping needs. Once you’ve selected your solution, you’ll be taken through to the dedicated product shop page, where (depending on which solution you’ve selected) you’ll be able to choose from a list of customisation options, as well as choosing your desired quantity.

intelsius shop pathoshield screenshot


Further down the product page you’ll find product information as well as a downloadable PDF including detailed information about your selected solution.

intelsius shop screenshot

Once you’re happy with your selections, including customisation options and item quantities, click, ‘Add to Basket’, and then click the basket icon in the top right to head to your checkout page.

Clinical Trial Packaging Buy Online Visual

Checking Out

Once in the basket area, you can review our terms and conditions, and check your shipping information and review the total amount of your order in the bottom right. Once you’re happy to proceed, simply click ‘Proceed to Checkout’.

buy intelsius packaging

Once on the checkout page, you’ll be asked for your billing and shipping information, and will have a final chance to review the details of your order. Once you’re happy with your order, you’ll have the opportunity to read our privacy policy, before finally checking our terms and conditions. Once you’re happy to proceed, click the terms and conditions box, and then click ‘Place Order’ to complete your order.

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