We’ve been designing and manufacturing UN3373 Category B compliant sample transport solutions for NHS Supply Chain for the past 20 years.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative and dependable supplier of sample transport solutions. For example, we’ve continued to supply the NHS throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, providing 850,000 COVID-19 LAMP testing kits, and packaging for COVID-19 swabs and non-COVID-19 related samples such as blood, urine, and human tissue.

This article will outline how we continue to support NHS Supply Chain with a range of off-the-shelf solutions and bespoke, made-to-order packaging to meet various sample transport needs.

This article will cover:

Sample Transport Packaging

We have multiple packaging solutions in NHS Supply Chain circulation; COVID-19 samples including LAMP testing, blood vials and bags, tissue, urine and pharmaceutical products have all been transported using a varied range of Intelsius packaging.

We approach every solution with the customer in mind and supply both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions to the NHS depending on the specific requirement, ensuring you can achieve full UN3373 compliance and meet demand whilst staying within budget.

You can explore our full range of sample transport solutions here. Or keep scrolling down to continue reading about our NHS partnership.


PathoShield sample packaging is the most widely used Intelsius sample transport solution in the NHS supply chain. Category A and B compliant and pre-printed with relevant UN Class 6.2 markings, PathoShield packaging, is a complete packaging solution capable of shipping a wide range of primary containers such as blood vials, sample containers and COVID-19 swabs.


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PathoPak systems are Category A and B compliant and meet IATA, ADR, and CFR 49 (DOT) transport regulations. They’re strong and durable solutions that ensure optimal protection for your samples regardless of the specimen classification.


PathoPak packaging is suitable for shipping a wide range of primaries, including blood tubes, specimen containers, swabs, blood collection/transfusion bags and medical devices. Find out more about PAthoPak and how it can support your supply chain by clicking the button below.

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Kitting – Bespoke Packaging

While many of our off-the-shelf solutions are ideally suited for NHS Supply Chain requirements, we often need to flex our solutions to meet specific, bespoke supply chain demands. Our expert Technical and Customer Service teams work hand-in-hand with you to understand your particular packaging need before finding the ideal solution for your payload.

NHS Lamp Testing

An example of how we’ve responded to a specific, bespoke supply chain need is with NHS COVID-19 LAMP testing. By combining existing Intelsius components (PathoSeal 95kPa bags and absorbents) with NHS saliva tubes and barcode components, we created a COVID-19 LAMP testing kit that was both UN3373 compliant and met particular NHS Supply Chain requirements.

LAMP test kit

But the bespoke solution doesn’t end with packaging components. Intelsius also provide a bespoke warehouse kitting and delivery service that ensures these made-to-order COVID-19 LAMP testing kits are built to NHS specifications and delivered to relevant NHS Trusts ready to use.

Key Partnerships

We’re proud to work with medical logistics experts, DX, on their NHS Tracked Specimen Service. The Tracked Specimen Service is an essential cog in the NHS patient testing network, ensuring patients receive vital test results quickly and efficiently.

When DX came to us asking for a bespoke packaging solution and disinfecting service to help cover NHS testing demand, we responded by creating a first-of-its-kind supply chain solution that enabled DX better to support the NHS with its Tracked Specimen Service.

In the case study linked below, you can read more about how we’ve worked hand-in-hand with DX to deliver a truly innovative supply chain solution for the NHS.

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NHS Tenders

We’re pleased to have applied to and won many NHS tenders in our 20-year history. Sample transport, kitting, and testing capabilities have all been successfully fulfilled by Intelsius. We will continue to offer our expertise and products to support the NHS with compliant supply chain solutions.

You can search for our full range of sample transport products using NHS Supply Chain services.

Let’s Collaborate

If you or an NHS colleague has a sample transport packaging need, we’d love to hear from you. So get in touch and speak to a dedicated team member about your specific sample transport requirements.

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