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ORCA Drone

ORCA Drone is a multi-use temperature-controlled packaging system with real-time temperature and location tracking for end-to-end cold chain visibility and compliance. ORCA Drone packaging can be tailored to suit your payload or specific drone requirements and is developed specifically for use alongside various drone platforms,

We are proud to have developed this innovative product as part of the CAELUS consortium group, combining the knowledge and innovations of 14 industry-leading companies working collaboratively to develop the UK’s first medical delivery drone network.

Drone Packaging Solution

ORCA Drone Features

ORCA Drone has several features making it the ideal packaging solution for medical drone deliveries.

  • Wide range of phase change material solutions providing temperature control at -78°C, -25°C to -15°C, +2°C to +8°C, +15°C to +25°C and +20°C to +24°C.
  • Multiple sizes and configurations to match your drone platform
  • Onboard loggers for real-time visibility of variables including internal temperature, external temperature, exact location, orientation and battery status
  • ORCA Drone is a durable solution designed for multiple use, leading to significantly reduced waste


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Benefits of ORCA Drone

Designed specifically for medical drone deliveries, the innovative insulation and thermal media technologies used within ORCA Drone ensure a compact size reducing volumetric weight and giving a high performance of a minimum of 48 hours temperature control.

ORCA Drone is designed to be reused and refurbished, and damaged parts can be replaced with minimum fuss while minimising environmental impact and reducing costs.

Whether you are transporting pharmaceuticals, blood products, pathology samples, or vaccines, ORCA Drone can provide a temperature-controlled packaging solution suitable for the most extreme environments.

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Unveiling at COP 26

We are proud to be unveiling our ORCA Drone packaging solution as part of the CAELUS consortium group at Glasgow Airport during the UN Climate Change Conference 2021. Join us at the event or follow our social channels for the latest updates.


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