By collaborating with some of the most successful brands in the life science sector we continually expand our knowledge, drive innovation, and give users access to the best possible solutions for their cold chain and sample transport needs.

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Why OnAsset?

OnAsset are pioneers in shipment monitoring, delivering detailed insight on
the supply chain since 2005, and creating the world’s first tracking device formally approved for use on aircraft. They have worked hand-in-hand with multiple global logistics providers, and have a track record in delivering truly innovative solutions for the tracking and tracing of high-value shipments.

They have won multiple awards and have expanded into healthcare, building partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies to ensure the safe and secure delivery of drugs for clinical trials to sites throughout the world. Those relationships have expanded over the years and created opportunities to support with shipments COVID-19 vaccines.

With a shared focus on delivering fully compliant, pioneering cold chain logistics solutions, collaborating with OnAsset to incorporate their Sentinel 100 data logger into Intelsius ORCA Connect temperature-controlled packaging systems was simple and seamless.



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The Benefits

OnAsset’s Sentinel 100 data logger can be deployed in a variety of ways to provide enhanced visibility of not only the goods and their movement but warehouse facilities as well. Sentinel devices have a one-to-five-year battery life and function in a variety of ways.

Sentinel tags transmit piece-level data to the SENTRY FlightSafe®, or other Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, which communicates to the OnAsset INSIGHT™ platform over cell networks, including 5G. Those piece-level details show up on the customers’ OnAsset INSIGHT control tower dashboard. Sentinels continuously monitor and report temperature, humidity, light, shock, chain of custody, and more so that customers have a clear view of their cargo and conditions.

ORCA Connect is a passive temperature-controlled packaging solution providing users with up to 144 hours of temperature control at 2-8°C, 15-25°C, and at below -20°C. Discover more about our ORCA Connect solutions and how they use innovative components to keep your payload safe here.

Or, discover more about OnAsset’s smart real-time tracking solutions at

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A collaboration that could benefit your cold chain

If you think this collaboration could enhance your cold chain processes or if you are unsure how to keep your temperature-sensitive payload safe and visible during transit, get in touch with us now by emailing or contact your local office.