By collaborating with some of the most successful brands in the life science sector, we continually expand our knowledge, drive innovation, and give users access to the best possible solutions for their cold chain and sample transport needs.

Our partnership with Logmore is driving innovation in the next generation of connected cold chain packaging solutions. Scroll down or watch the video below to find out more.


Intelsius box with Logmore

Why Logmore?

Founded in 2017, Logmore has grown quickly, harnessing modern technologies to make cold chain monitoring easy and cost-effective.

With a mission to reduce the loss and waste of pharmaceutical goods, food, chemicals, and other easily spoiled and damaged products, Logmore developed a data logger with a dynamic QR code creating a scalable, easy to use cold chain monitoring solution.

BioTherm with Logmore logger - Internet of things

The Solutions

Intelsius BioTherm and ORCA Single Use temperature-controlled packaging solutions can now be purchased with integrated Logmore QR loggers, creating a connected, high-performance packaging solution that gives you the data you need throughout your cold chain.

Once activated, the logger can be scanned at any stage of the journey to guarantee the efficacy of the payload; an easy and robust permission management system is available to prevent unauthorised access. Upon reaching the desired location, GDP and CFR compliant reports can be downloaded in just a couple of clicks, simplifying your compliance and quality control processes.

Close up of temperature logger

The Benefits

  • Simplify your compliance and quality processes
  • Achieve affordable visibility of your single-use solutions
  • Build a bank of reliable data supporting cold chain lane analysis
  • Minimise temperature excursions with high-performance packaging solutions

A collaboration that could benefit your cold chain

If you think this collaboration could enhance your cold chain processes or if you are unsure how to keep your temperature-sensitive payload safe and visible during transit, get in touch with us now by emailing or contact your local office.