The Intelsius ORCA brand has been defined by a desire to push the boundaries of passive temperature-controlled packaging solutions. Through rigorous performance testing, innovative design, and customer-centric thinking, ORCA solutions have been established as a key component when building efficient temperature-controlled supply chains.

The History of ORCA


The ORCA portfolio began as a single product, addressing a growing global requirement for a temperature-controlled packaging solution that successfully minimised costly temperature excursions. Designed, built, and tested to guarantee temperature stability for a minimum of 96 hours, the ORCA quickly became a recognised brand in temperature-controlled logistics.

With this early success, the ORCA portfolio grew as solutions were tailored for specific industries and cold chain requirements. As a result, the range now encompasses three sub-brands with unique value propositions, features, and benefits. To understand more about which ORCA solution can fit seamlessly into your Cold Chain, please call your local office, where a team member will be happy to help.

Brand Evolution

With the ORCA product family continuing to grow, the ORCA branding changes. Reflecting the unique values of each sub-brand, the new branding adopts a clean and modern style while maintaining the clear identity of the previous branding.

The lettering to define each ORCA has also been replaced with a clear written identity; ORCA S becomes ORCA Single-Use, ORCA M changes to ORCA Multi-Use, and ORCA MX transforms to ORCA Connect. Over the coming months, we will add further products to the portfolio, which look to advance further the capabilities and purchase options currently available in the ORCA range.

Despite changes to the brand appearance, ORCA products remain high-performance, customer and innovation-driven solutions trusted across global cold chains. The future of the brand is equally exciting. ORCA products will provide even greater opportunities to keep temperature-critical payloads protected and secure on the back of further technical innovations and green ambitions.


ORCA Connect Logo

ORCA temperature-controlled packaging

ORCA Multi-Use logo

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