Jason Walsh
Ireland Director of Operations, Jason Walsh, spent four days at sea delivering a 70 ft schooner down to Portugal from the south coast of Ireland.

Why do you work here?  I just love the Intelsius brand. I love working for a progressive company. Customer service is my thing, and at Intelsius, customer satisfaction is paramount.

What is your favorite of the brand colors?  Blue reminds me of the sea and the sky, two of my favorite things.

What is your favorite product, and why? The Bioshield range is one of our oldest products and has been a huge success in Ireland, helping the state eradicate BSE among our national cattle herd.

To which Intelsius offices have you traveled?  York.

Job role? I have managed the Irish operations for DGP Intelsius and previously DGP Ireland for over 12 years. In addition, I have managed some of our company’s most lucrative accounts in Ireland. I continue to manage the Irish operations daily and involve myself in every aspect of the business.

Do you have a pet?  Yes, 2            What kind?  Dogs   Names? Jack and Russell

Where is your favorite place to travel? Europe.

What is your favorite food to eat?  I love to eat what is local to my area, so locally-sourced food rather than a type of food. I am a chili (the pepper) addict.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?  Rum and Raisin Armagnac and Prune Whiskey and chocolate etc… If I am going to put such a fattening product into my body, it has to be the best and with the best ingredients.

Coffee or Tea? Irish coffee is always enjoyable. Tea is a daily beverage in Ireland.

Would you rather be hot or cold? Neither . . . cool.

Dangerous or Safe? Neither – risky. Dangerous is for idiots. Risky is for trained professionals. Safe is for the . . . safe.

Temperature controlled medicine last taken? Hot whiskey.  Whiskey with lemon and sugar added to hot water is recommended as a preventative measure at the onset of the flu or cold.

Favorite artist? Degas

When I was a kid, I wanted to be . . . a soldier

Favorite Quote?  “I told you I was sick” Spike Milligan’s epitaph.

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