Intelsius returns from show success at Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2017 Barcelona, reflecting on its visit this March.

The third of Intelsius’ trade show attendances, this latest visit saw Intelsius making an international call at Barcelona’s Hesperia Tower Hotel. Joined by over 400 attendees, speakers, and fellow industry leaders, Intelsius enjoyed the opportunity to contribute and examine the latest market solutions, exhibiting products such as the ORCA S and ORCA 55L, both launched earlier this year to high praise.

Through its interactive sessions, this year’s event emphasized the importance of technology within Clinical Trial Supply, formulated approaches, and reduced the risk associated with temperature variations in transport and increased regulations. Such topics allowed Intelsius to present long-serving product successes such as the PharmaTherm.

Further discussion areas covered directly patient distribution and the challenges of delivering into markets like South America.

Following the visit, Global Sales Director Lisa Karabedian commented: “The show was a lot bigger than last year with more exhibitors and delegates. The location and sunshine were also very welcome, of course.

She added: “It was a great opportunity to spend time catching up with contacts old and new to assess the future state of clinical trial supplies. We also enjoyed debating the challenges presented by regulations and increased need for risk assessment and demand for temperature control.”

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