Alex Roskoss, Global Head of Technical Services

ATMOS™ is Intelsius’ Advanced Thermal Modelling Software which allows us to design a temperature controlled packaging system to face your thermal challenges, while keeping the product at the desired temperature. The software simulates the heat flows inside a packaging system and between the system and the outside. The thermal modelling uses dynamic isothermal surface mapping to generate a complex picture of the temperatures and heat flows in the simulated system for each time step. These calculations are derived from real experimental baseline data taken from years of thermal packaging development. The output is a step by step temperature against time graph with key durations above or below thresholds and mean temperature data reported.


Putting the technical process aside, ATMOS allows you to see how the product payload in your shipper solution will be affected by different external exposures. If there is a good solution in place for your shipments through winter, but you are shipping to another hemisphere with summer conditions, ATMOS allows you to pose that challenge to your system and see how it will perform. This allows informed decisions to be made about what systems you want to use for different routes and have more confidence that all temperature challenges faced are being covered.

When a new route arises in your supply chain, with initially limited information about the temperature challenges likely to be faced, ATMOS can provide clear simulation data to tell you if the packaging configuration chosen will be up to the task.

When shipping you never know what situation you may face tomorrow, with delays due to natural disasters, political changes or just mechanical faults. These can place your precious shipments in situations not planned for. ATMOS allows you to model the packaging configuration used against these situations quickly and effectively so you know if and when a shipment needs to be recalled, refrigerated, etc.

Importantly, ATMOS is being continuously developed, so keep in touch with Intelsius to keep up to date with the newest innovations!

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