Stephen Dowle, Global Head of Operations

pharmachill pcmIn addition to the BioChill™ range, Intelsius has designed and manufactured the PharmaChill™ and Utektile™ product ranges. The PharmaChill is a water-based Phase Change Material (PCM), whereas the Utektile is an exotic PCM that allows phase change at specific, pre-determined temperatures, namely 20, +5, and +20°C for the high-performance requirements associated with high-value payloads.

These broaden our offerings to encompass varying customer needs and are available in the same sizing 1515, 2020, 3015 & 3020. The advantage of the two new products is that they are rigid plastic bottles designed to be significantly more robust and suitable for multi-use.

The bottles have been designed in line with our GreenTherm™ philosophy so that they meet environmental criteria in conjunction with meeting its intended function, for example, whilst being robust they are compliant with legislation with regard to packaging weights. Not only are the bottle and plug materials recyclable, but the fill materials are environmentally sustainable and friendly.

Once the design was established, we developed tooling with our partner in China who has a proven track record of manufacturing quality tooling. They also indeed have the facilities to validate tooling prior to delivery to any region in the world requiring product. This is, without doubt, a necessity when looking at global supply and continuity of supply.

Whilst our Chinese toolmaker has manufactured tools for any number of differing Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM) machinery, they compile a tooling specification only after liaising with our Blow Moulding partners, as this is critical in establishing machine fit and any particular quirks.

For complicated product design requiring complicated tooling, we use Stereo-Lithographic Modelling which not only helps prove the design, it gives a clearer indication to someone on the other side of the world.

In fact, Intelsius has just launched ORCA™ which uses a family range of 4 EBM bottles filled with +5 PCM. These bottles were specifically designed to optimise the amount of energy to be absorbed for the payload.  This is the latest high-performance offering incorporating angular shaped bottles with a crenulated finish which is perfectly timed to deliver thaw/freeze within the specified timescale.

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