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Sample Transport

Intelsius (formerly DGP) has been in operation for 15 years and expertise in Regulatory Compliant sample transport solutions is at the core of our business, working towards better patient health worldwide. We have a team of experts ready to quickly analyse your requirements and suggest an off the shelf solution or create a tailor-made, regulatory compliant system to meet your needs. So whether you are collecting or shipping blood, urine or tissue samples, from one or 100 sites, Intelsius has the answer. In order to help you identify which is the most appropriate solution for your requirements, we will give consideration to the following:-

  • How the sample is being handled and by whom (before, during and after transit)
  • The number and type of samples to be shipped
  • Classification of the sample(s) (e.g., Category A or B, solid or liquid)
  • Sample extraction
  • Sample identification (e.g., barcoding, labelling)
  • Ease of packing and ease of use
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Size of the payload
  • Method of transit (e.g., road or air)
  • Whether any of the packaging will be returned/reused
  • What level of protection is required
  • Impact of packaging type on shipping costs
  • Sample reception (presentation and delivery)
  • Overall cost
  • Whether there is a need for temperature control such as:
    • Frozen (dry-ice or PCM)
    • 2-8 ºC
    • Controlled room temperature (15-25 ºC)

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