By collaborating with some of the most successful brands in the life science sector we continually expand our knowledge, drive innovation, and give users access to the best possible solutions for their cold chain and sample transport needs.

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Why Roambee?

An award-winning company, Roambee offer complete tracking solutions for air, sea, and land shipments. Their easily integrated tracking solutions offer real-time location and condition data, as well as item-level visibility across your supply chain, giving you complete peace of mind no matter what you’re shipping, or where you’re shipping it.

The choice of over 300 global companies, Roambee have been designing and manufacturing shipping monitoring technology since 2004, and in short time have become one of the key global players in real-time tracking technology.

With locations all over the world, Roambee offer the complete package for collaboration, allowing us to seamlessly integrate their tracking solutions with our ORCA Connect temperature-controlled packaging, giving you the customer total oversight of your payload in transit, and in storage.


orca connect

The Benefits

Roambee’s BeeSense and BeeBeacon Plus are designed to sense live location and condition data in transit or storage, and when combined with Intelsius’ ORCA Connect temperature-controlled packaging, provide the complete tracked packaging solution for your temperature-sensitive payload.

BeeSense enables enterprises to monitor the location, condition, and other parameters of shipments, containers, and field assets in real-time. The BeeSense device — that also comes in a solar-charging variant — can monitor things end-to-end on road, rail, air, or sea, and it works just as well for local, national, or international operations.

Roambee’s compact NIST-certified wireless condition and temperature BeeBeacon Plus data logger can store and/or stream data about shipping and handling conditions. It’s ideal for package-level real-time monitoring throughout a cold chain or for fragile cargo, whether it’s inventory in a warehouse, in transit, or at points of sale.

ORCA Connect is a passive temperature-controlled packaging solution providing users with up to 144 hours of temperature control at 2-8°C, 15-25°C, and at below -20°C. Discover more about our ORCA Connect solutions and how they use innovative components to keep your payload safe here.

Or, discover more about Roambee’s smart real-time tracking solutions on their website, here.

A collaboration that could benefit your cold chain

If you think this collaboration could enhance your cold chain processes or if you are unsure how to keep your temperature-sensitive payload safe and visible during transit, get in touch with us now by emailing or contact your local office, here.