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Technology Driven Testing (ATMOS)

Bringing intelligence to testing.

With ATMOS™ – a proprietary, predictive modeling software system designed by Intelsius – we’ve revolutionized the way temperature-controlled packaging is designed. Imagine: Within only one week, you could have a clear sense of direction for your temperature-controlled solutions.

ATMOS (Analytical Thermal Modeling Software) allows us to perform experimentally validated results that simulate packaging performance with a validated thermal performance. It provides results almost instantly, allowing higher-performing solutions to be reached faster.

Developed in collaboration with a leading UK research university, ATMOS uses semi-empirical numerical modeling methods, calculating the thermal performance of a packaging system to define the following

  • Product extent, mass and payload composition
  • The configurations of coolant, PCM and spacers
  • Desired temperature profile

Consequently, ATMOS saves you approximately 70% in packaging development time and costs. In addition to reducing your timeline and expenses, it requires significantly less time and energy than traditional atmospheric testing – making it not just a faster, smarter solution, but a more sustainable one, too.

Download the ATMOS sheet