Global cold chain logistics can be challenging. At Intelsius, we pride ourselves on working together with logistics providers from start to finish, providing both temperature-controlled packing for global large-scale projects, and more bespoke packing for specialist shipments. Our market leading Technical Services Team design, develop and qualify custom solutions to meet your specific needs, making the process simple and cost-effective.

Our broad range of solutions allows you to reduce volumetric weight whilst maintaining exceptional performance, with solutions ensuring a minimum of 96 hours protection against even the most extreme temperature profiles.

Packaging solutions are designed with a simple route to compliance in mind, with shipping labels included and products extensively tested and evaluated against IATA standards.

Having designed packaging solutions for a large variety of shipments, from food and biological samples, through to clinical trial samples and pharmaceuticals, our process is centred on working with you to find the perfect product mix to suit your shipping requirements.

We know that cold chain logistics compliance can be tricky, so if you’re struggling with cold chain logistics terminology, we’ve created this handy jargon guide to help.

To speak one of our team about how we can support your cold chain logistics, get in touch with your local branch.

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