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Pharmaceuticals, infectious samples, clinical trial samples or consumer goods, whatever the transported payload it is vital the payload arrives at its destination in pristine condition. Part two of the “More than just a box” series looks at the extensive testing, qualification and quality procedures that Intelsius packaging solutions undergo before reaching the end-user. These processes lead to a confident supply of packing solutions that perform at far superior levels than any ordinary temperature controlled or sample transport boxes.

Intelsius packaging solutions undergo significant qualification and testing practices long before they are available for purchase. Following launch packaging solutions are subject to further testing confirming performance levels remain as stated ensuring compliance and minimising costly temperature excursions.

Testing and packaging qualifications are conducted in our state-of-the-art laboratory utilising our suite of environmental testing chambers against both, ISTA 7D Summer and Winter profiles. Testing against ISTA 7D profiles conforms with industry standards, the cyclic profiles subject the packaging to realistic temperature exposures between 22°C and 35°C for the summer profile and 18°C to -10°C in the case of the winter profile. If these profiles do not match the exposures expected on a shipping lane the Intelsius Technical Services team can work with customers to test against a temperature profile bespoke and matched to the desired shipping lane. This profile design process proceeds to utilise real weather data to provide the most accurate results.

All testing and qualifications are conducted in environmental testing chambers located at the York headquarters in an ISTA certified laboratory. The Intelsius testing chambers are capable of testing profiles with temperature highs of +50°C and temperature lows of -20°C. Furthermore, the probes used during testing provide a constant stream of accessible data to a centralised database making raw data manipulation impossible. This data stream is then developed and validated with an automated script creating graphical representations of the data.

Intelsius are ISO 2015 certified and constantly looking to ensure high quality standards across all areas of the business. Strict and rigorous testing on all temperature-controlled packaging solutions maintains the high-quality standards set by Intelsius over the last 20 years in the industry.

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