PathoPak Group 1WRThe Intelsius PathoPak range is a selection of complete sample transport solutions that are UN certified for the transportation of Category A (UN2814 and UN2900) and Category B (UN3373) infectious substances. Comprising of a 95kPa tested rigid secondary container, absorbent, bubble wrap, infectious labelling and pre-printed outer with UN certification markings, the range is fully compliant meeting IATA, ADR and CFR title 49 regulations for the transportation of infectious substances.

The DGP Intelsius PathoPak is ergonomically designed for fast and safe manual handling meaning samples can be packaged and removed quickly hence the PathoPak is perfect for large scale eradication schemes and clinical trials. The PathoPak solutions are suitable for shipping a wide variety of primaries including blood tubes, specimen containers, swabs, blood collection/transfusion bags and medical devices and can be used for transporting diagnostic samples and during screening programmes.

Should any sample require delivery within a specific temperature range the PathoPak can be combined with an Intelsius BioTherm. When combined with a BioTherm system sample integrity can be maintained for a minimum of 96 hours. Samples can be maintained between 2°C – 8°C, 15°C – 25°C or at a frozen temperature using dry ice as coolant.  The BioTherm systems are supplied with further compliance labelling and stable handles to ensure safe and compliant transportation throughout the cold chain.

The PathoPak system is designed to be used as a reusable system. The cardboard outer should be recycled and replaced after use with the secondary container sterilised and re-circulated. In certain cases, Intelsius can offer a full sterilisation and refurbishment service accepting the return of used secondaries, they will then be sterilised and recirculated with a new pre-printed cardboard outer, absorbents and infectious labelling. This process enables a cost effective and environmentally sustainable approach for the transportation of biological and infectious substances. The refurbishment service also alleviates pressure on excessive stock holding requirements.

For more information about the Intelsius PathoPak, refurbishment services or the transportation and packaging of Category A (UN2814 and UN2900) and Category B (UN3373) infectious substances please contact your local branch or alternatively fill out the contact form and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Intelsius PathopPak solutions are also available to buy online from the Intelsius E-Commerce store.



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