While cold chain logistics in the country is fragmented and largely unregulated, the potential for growth and development is huge, with Vietnam’s cold chain market poised to reach a value of USD10.2 billion by 2026.


Cargoteam Duc Viet Co Ltd is a freight forwarding company based in Vietnam. In operation since 1994, the logistics provider is licensed in brokerage and freight forwarding and offers air freight, sea freight, logistics and inland transportation services, among others. Marcus Guilhem, Chief Executive Officer of Cargoteam, speaks to us about the cold chain industry in the country and the recent exclusive distribution partnership between Intelsius and Cargoteam Pharma, the company’s pharmaceutical arm. He explains what the collaboration means for customers of both Cargoteam and Intelsius moving forward, as well as for the Vietnamese cold chain industry.

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What is the partnership between Intelsius and Cargoteam?

Cargoteam represents Intelsius in Vietnam as an exclusive distributor, which means we sell Intelsius packaging products in Vietnam. Through our joint sales activities, the Intelsius brand has already gained significant awareness among multinational companies as well as local Vietnamese pharmaceutical firms. We believe this partnership will not only help to further expand the usage of Intelsius products in Vietnam, but also significantly raise the overall brand recognition and reputation of Intelsius in this rapidly growing market.

What are some of the challenges in the Vietnamese cold chain market?

Currently, the main issues we are facing include supply lead times and stability, a lack of training and education of cold chain processes, and a lack of uniformity of processes and standards in the market. Another issue in the market is the lack of proper credentials and certifications for things like passive packaging. Because the market is unregulated, the materials used in passive packaging tend to be of low quality, which impacts the performance and level of temperature control afforded.

When we are dealing with temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods like vaccines, blood and urine samples and so on, maintaining cold chain integrity and efficiency is crucial to prevent compromising these samples. Also, it is crucial to adhere to international guidelines on cold chain transport like the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and the various international packaging requirements put forth by the International Air Transit Authority (IATA), the United Nations and so forth.

Achieving and maintaining compliance with these standards is not always as straightforward in Vietnam because there is no uniformity of cold chain practices at every part of the supply chain.

This is where Cargoteam Pharma aims to change the industry. We are GDP certified, and we take these processes very seriously to ensure our customers and partners have peace of mind knowing that their cold chain cargo is in good hands. We are determined to create a safe and reliable cold chain supply chain, and with Intelsius’ compliant packaging solutions, this goal is within reach.

Why did Cargoteam choose to partner with Intelsius?

As a logistics provider in Vietnam, Cargoteam Pharma aims to offer the full range of high-quality comprehensive services including shipping, pre-conditioning, and passive packaging solutions.

While the potential for growth is immense, the Vietnamese pharmaceutical market is in its developmental stages. Supply and availability of high-quality packaging is not always reliable or consistent. I did not want to offer customers anything other than the highest-quality, certified packaging and cold chain solutions, so this is where Intelsius entered the picture.

As a global leader in the cold chain packaging industry and a well-established brand among pharmaceutical players, Intelsius was the best choice for a partnership with Cargoteam Pharma. We chose to partner with Intelsius because the brand is known for its high quality, durable and compliant temperature-control and sample transport packaging solutions.

The decision to collaborate was not just based on the quality of Intelsius’ products, but also the trust and strong relationship that developed between the two teams. Cargoteam Pharma aims to offer customers a one-stop cold chain logistics solution not only to our current customers but the larger Vietnamese pharmaceutical market.

How will this partnership affect Cargo team’s customers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia?

As an organisation, we feel the responsibility to raise cold chain standards and bring world-class logistics solutions to a sector that is rapidly expanding. Many companies have historically relied on poor packaging methods to transport their goods, unaware of the superior options available.

Our mission is to ensure cold chain integrity and reliability of pharmaceutical shipments throughout the entire shipment process. As the only pharma logistics provider in Vietnam that employs its own team of pharmacists, pharmaceutical graduates, and staff with direct experience in manufacturing, Cargoteam Pharma is poised to revolutionise Vietnam’s cold chain industry. Our partnership with Intelsius will allow us to offer customers the full suite of cold chain logistics services, including durable and easy-to-use temperature-compliant packaging.

Pairing our in-house pharmaceutical expertise, GDP certifications awarded from respected bodies like SGS and Marken, with high-quality packaging solutions from Intelsius, this partnership will offer a fully transparent and efficient cold chain logistics system for our Vietnamese and international customers.

We are excited to leverage our capabilities, credentials, and new partnership with Intelsius to elevate pharmaceutical logistics and supply chain practices across Vietnam. This collaborative effort will drive significant improvements in reliability, compliance, and patient safety.

By pairing this in-house pharmaceutical expertise with top-tier packaging solutions from Intelsius, Cargoteam Pharma is poised to revolutionize the Vietnamese pharma market. The company is committed to expanding access to durable, temperature-compliant packaging that provides full transparency – delivering the quality and care required for these critical medical products.


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