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DGP Intelsius has been operating in the temperature-controlled packaging and sample transport market for over twenty years. The Intelsius packaging solutions that transport specimens, pharmaceuticals, and other dangerous or temperature critical samples are designed to optimise efficiency, performance, and protection throughout the entire shipping process. This series of articles looks at why and how Intelsius packaging solutions are so much more than just temperature-controlled and sample transport boxes.


Sample Transport Solutions

The Intelsius range of sample transport packaging is designed for ease of use, regulatory compliance, environmental impact, and economic cost. In addition, customer requirements guide design decisions, including ease of sample collection and processing, packaging disposal and recycling, and user safety. Therefore, the design process is carefully considered, factoring in challenges facing a range of sectors, whether it be a large-scale clinical trial or smaller scale sample extractions for disease control, human health, and veterinary markets.

Intelsius sample transport solutions make compliance cost-effective and straightforward. The transportation of specimens and samples can often appear complicated, with various rules regulations needing to be adhered to. Furthermore, these regulations are subject to minor changes based on the sample type and the transportation methods used. Intelsius ensures sample transport packaging is fully compliant against the latest IATA, ADR, and 49 CFR (DOT) transport regulations.

Pre-printed packaging and compliance labeling make compliance simple. However, if you are still in doubt, our in-house Intelsius regulatory compliance experts are on hand to offer advice on how to transport samples safely and legally most effectively.

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Temperature Controlled Packaging Solutions

When shipping pharmaceuticals and biologicals, unwanted temperature excursions can result in significant financial losses due to spoiled products. That is why Intelsius temperature-controlled packaging solutions are designed using modern and innovative techniques creating systems that protect against even the most extreme temperatures.

Utilising advanced phase change materials (PCM), the temperature-controlled solutions remain as light and compact as possible while maintaining performances of up to 120 hours across various temperature ranges. In addition, the utilisation of high-quality Vacuum insulation panels (VIPS) creates very high levels of thermal protection, creating solutions far more advanced than simple temperature-controlled boxes.

Intelsius packaging solutions offer thermal protection across various desired temperature ranges, including controlled room temperature frozen and refrigerated temperature ranges. The range also boasts multiple sizing options, each unique design innovation. The largest passive temperature-controlled systems offered are capable of a minimum of 96-hour performance while transporting payloads of up to 450L. On the other side of the spectrum, the Intelsius ThermoTrek system is designed to offer a discreet carry case for the efficient movement of a patient’s temperature-sensitive medicines.

Intelsius packaging solutions take boxes and packages and amplify them, offering innovatively designed systems ensuring cost-effective products that maximise performance and efficiency.


Discover more about the Intelsius temperature-controlled and sample transport packing solutions and the unique benefits each system can offer using the links below.

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