BioTherm 14 Dry Ice


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Full Description

The BioTherm Dry Ice range is designed for the safe transportation of deep frozen samples to IATA, ADR and DOT (49 CFR) transport regulations. The systems offer a variety of options for the safe transit of Category A and Category B shipments, as complete systems or as overpacks.

The BioTherm 14 Dry Ice shipper provides frozen temperature control for a minimum of 96 hours when your temperature critical payload is packed with 8.5kg of dry ice. The internal dimensions of the BioTherm 14 are 228 x 228 x 228mm.

This product can be used for:

  • Infectious samples
  • Diagnostic samples
  • Clinical trials
  • Screening programmes
  • Eradication schemes

Key features:

  • Category A and Category B systems provided with compliant transport bags and absorbent
  • Dry Ice shipper range suitable as overpacks for complete Category A and Category B solutions


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