With the 17th Annual Temperature Controlled Logistics Conference from Tuesday 30th to Wednesday 31st January, Intelsius is preparing to launch their ORCA M range and more…

Continuing the tradition of attending the event, Intelsius will be located at stand 33 and will be sharing their knowledge and expertise of temperature-controlled packaging with visiting delegates. It also comes when Intelsius is approaching 20 years in the industry – cementing its position as a leader in the temperature-controlled packaging market.

In addition to this, Intelsius are looking forward to launching the new ORCA M range. The ORCA M is a multi-use system and implements an improved bottle design to achieve greater efficiency and ensure a more significant amount of space for temperature-sensitive payloads. Furthermore, the ORCA M range utilises advanced Phase Change Materials (PCM) and Vacuum Insulation Panels, creating unparalleled performance while reducing volumetric weight.

The ORCA S – a high-performance range of single-use passive temperature-controlled packaging solutions – will also feature, making this the first time both ORCA ranges have appeared side by side. The single-use ORCA is ideal for high-value shipments where return packaging logistics are too costly or impossible to complete. Furthermore, the ORCA S can offer far greater payload stability when compared against water and EPS systems and can be used as an all-year-round packaging solution, offering temperature control for up to 96 hours.

Seeing the ORCA M and ORCA S side by side highlights the benefits of combining the ranges to form a complete temperature packaging solution; both ranges are packed in the same way, reducing packing errors and increasing efficiency. Moreover, with both the ORCA M and ORCA S being put through rigorous testing schedules, it can be assured shipments remain safe no matter how extreme the temperature.

 Alongside these new ranges, there will also be opportunities to view the entire range of temperature-controlled solutions.

 The 17th Annual Temperature Controlled Logistics Conference will take place at Twickenham Stadium. We highly encourage delegates to come and visit stand 33 and look forward to showcasing our innovative new products to key decision-makers and industry leaders.

For more information regarding the event, please follow the link to the official website:

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