Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, has announced its partnership with a new distributor in Japan.

The new collaboration with Cosmo Bio demonstrates how Intelsius is committed to extending its operations in the Asia region, which is an area of growth for the pharmaceutical sector, including regenerative medicine.

The long-established distributor Cosmo Bio, one of Japan’s most prominent suppliers in the country’s life science industry, will support Intelsius further in its mission to ensure the safest and most cost effective methods for the packaging, transportation, and distribution of biological samples and temperature-sensitive medicines are available in Japan.

Intelsius CEO David Walsh said: “We are delighted to announce Cosmo Bio as our new distributor in Japan. We are looking forward to continuing to build the business in Asia and reach a wider audience in the region requiring our products and services.”

In 1983, Cosmo Bio supported Japan’s life science research community for more than 30 years. By teaming up with Intelsius, the potential growth for the regenerative medicine field continues to increase.

Yoshiyuki Maki, Cosmo Bio Director, welcomed the affiliation announcement.

He said: “The regenerative medicine field has grown remarkably in the past several years. To support the safe and steady transport of cell, blood, and tissue samples within this field, we have teamed up with DGP Intelsius.

“We believe DGP Intelsius products and services will impact largely to not only regenerative medicine field researchers as well as patients.”

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