Category A and Category B transport regulations specify that absorbent material must be placed between primary and secondary containers in sufficient quantity to absorb the entire contents of the primary containers.

Due to the unique polymer structure of the Intelsius PathoSorb full absorption of a spilled sample can be achieved efficiently  using only limited amount of material leaving greater space for the payload. Upon absorption during accidental spillage, PathoSorb acquires a ‘gel like’ consistency, locking in the spilled material for easy disposal. PathoSorb is lint free, reducing sterile contamination risk.

For multiple sample transportation, PathoSorb 4 & 6 Bay pouches provide a dual purpose; simultaneously protecting and separating samples. We offer the PathoSorb absorbents as standard in many of our sample transport solutions, if you want to know more about these absorbents or about how to transport a particular type of sample please contact a member of our team.

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