ThermoTrek TCT

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Full Description

ThermoTrek is a discreet personal carry case for the movement of a patient’s temperature sensitive medications. Qualified for 48 hours, its unique design and technology create an easy to use solution. This enables patients to maintain the thermal integrity of their medication even after it has been delivered. Utilising a ThermoCline Technology, dual temperature cool pack with an innovative one-way fit, the ThermoTrek is simple and effective.

Key features:

  • A ThermoCline Technology, dual temperature cool
    pack protects the payload against extreme heat
    and cold, minimising parts and creating a simple
    to use solution
  • One-way fit cool pack prevents the ThermoTrek
    being packed incorrectly and reduces any risk of
    cold shock to the payload
  • Small, discreet size encourages the patient to look
    after their medication, improving patient compliance
    and patient experience
  • Qualified for 48 hours, the ThermoTrek maintains
    payload integrity for the longest journeys a patient
    may undertake

External Dims – 250mm x 190mm x 165mm
Payload Dims – 185mm x 110mm x 52mm
Payload Volume – 1.0L
Mass – 1.4KG
2°C -8°C Duration – 48 Hours


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