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thermotrek medicine carrier


ThermoTrek is a discreet personal carry case for the movement of a patient’s temperature sensitive medications. Qualified for 48 hours, its unique design and technology create an easy to use solution. This enables patients to maintain the thermal integrity of their medication even after it has been delivered.

These systems utilise ThermoCline Technology, and a dual temperature cool pack with an innovative one-way fit, making it easy to use. With the help of a Thermochromic temperature indicator label, the patient can clearly see when it is ideal to place their medication inside


Designed to be intuitive and very easy for patients to prepare and use. The Intelsius ThermoCline Technology (TCT) panel protects from both extreme heat and extreme cold with single pre-condition. The Thermochromic Label on the TCT Panel visually indicates and verifies the readiness for packing.

Components Supplied:

Insulated Patient Tote Bag

Expanded Foam Lid and Base

TCT Panel

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