At Intelsius, we pride ourselves on our high-quality products and services. But, of course, our vast and diverse team is largely behind our success.
We’ve interviewed our Business Development Manager, Tracy Lavick-Hall, to determine how she contributes to Intelsius.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

This mainly involves face-to-face visits, hoping to develop new relationships. However, I also enjoy building our rapport with existing accounts, continuously supporting clients with their business/strategy requirements, whatever they may be. For instance, one customer has numerous departments to navigate, so I am trying to get to know all 135 of them to ensure I identify and fulfill all of their company needs.

What skills/experience do you bring to Intelsius?
Having spent 19 years in logistics, I am experienced in dealing with customer supply chains globally. This includes recommending specific products and their transportation. Overall, this helps the Intelsius team maintain their future strategic focus and business values.

Can you identify any observations from your first three months at Intelsius?
Teamwork is paramount as each department complements the other in ensuring we recommend the correct product services, deliver on time, and invoice correctly to promote a first-class customer service experience.

Any initial achievements?
After being at my previous company for 19 years, I’ve relished the challenge of learning about a whole new range of products and processes, as well as for settling into the role and family of Intelsius. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to challenge the current good processes we have already in place.

What are your objectives for the rest of the year?
Professionally, to better our customer satisfaction, focusing on KPI achievement. Personally, to continue to improve my company product and industry knowledge.

How is working in an SME different from TNT?
When working for a large corporate company, it can take time to get to know relevant contacts, whereas an SME gives you quick access to your colleagues and allows employees to know each other. Therefore, I appreciate seeing the teamwork and support come together to provide our customers with the most excellent possible experience we can.

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