Temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and the legislation on how to safely store and distribute them is a current industry hot topic and one that was high on the agenda at the recent Pharma Logistics Network‘s (PLN) third annual general meeting (AGM) in Las Vegas last month.

As a member of the Pharma Logistics Network, Intelsius attended the event and led an open forum on effective temperature-controlled logistics.

The discussion focused on the quality approach required to transport high-value temperature-sensitive products within a network of multiple global partners, overcoming potential logistical obstacles that the PLN faces, and discussing product development for ORCA.

Intelsius’ ORCA can be implemented as a reusable logistics asset and offers GDP compliance, world-class temperature-controlled distribution performance, and operational simplicity.

ORCA is designed to provide superior thermal protection for high-value, temperature-sensitive payloads and utilises proprietary PCMs that allow these solutions extended duration in extreme heat and cold environments.

Designed with the increasingly complex global supply chain in mind, the ORCA offers users multiple benefits to meet the increasing demands of temperature-controlled distribution.

ORCA systems have been developed and qualified at the Intelsius ISTA certified thermal packaging testing laboratory, and the modular range of systems has been qualified to maintain payload integrity at the following temperature ranges:
2 – 8°C
15 – 25°C

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