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Intelsius Germany is Expanding

We’re meeting the increased demand for Intelsius products and services across Europe with the expansion of our Frankfurt based, European operations.

Scaling up our European output means we can better meet your needs, whether it’s providing sample transport solutions, or responding to your cold chain requirements with our superior temperature-control packaging systems.

Ideally located just a short drive from Germany’s largest airport in Frankfurt, we’re able to seamlessly plug into international logistics networks, delivering quality packaging as and when you need it. Jens Mengelsen

Frankfurt-based Technical Director, Jens Mangelson explains how the Intelsius Germany expansion can support European markets in their pursuit of better cold chain and sample transport solutions: “We’re really excited about the expansion, as it will better enable us to provide superior temperature-controlled  and sample transport products and services to a wider European audience. Not only are we increasing in size and output, but our ability to work closely with our customers to meet their specific needs is increasing, too.

ORCA Fulfilment Services

As well as scaling up our sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging operations, we’re excited to be launching our ORCA Fulfilment services at our Intelsius Germany site. Our Frankfurt location will act as one of our core global rental centres, quickly distributing ready-to-use temperature-controlled packaging solutions around Europe. Solutions can be customised to your cold chain requirements and will help support fluctuations in demand, ensuring your temperature-controlled packaging costs can be effectively controlled. When the packaging has fulfilled its purpose, you can simply return it to one of our global rental centres based in the United Kingdom, Germany, or America.

Germany warehouse

ORCA Fulfilment gives users the opportunity to use the very best in temperature-controlled packaging in a way suited to their cold chain processes. This leads to many benefits:

  • Trusted and qualified temperature-controlled packaging, ready to use when you need it
  • Increase flexibility to react to changes in demand
  • Reduce stock holding requirements
  • Only pay for the packaging required
  • Utilise Intelsius expertise in preparation and conditioning
  • Ensure a minimum of 96 hours of performance


ORCA Packaging Product Range

Ultimate Flexibility

Fulfilled ORCA packaging solutions can be customised to provide a solution adapted to your requirements. Choose variables including:

  • Temperature
  • Size
  • Pre-conditioning
  • Connectivity
  • Delivery legs

COVID-19 Vaccine Transport Solutions

With the recently approved Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca, and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines now arriving on the European market, demand for high-quality temperature-controlled packaging solutions has increased sharply. As a result of these breakthroughs, cold chain solutions for the compliant shipping of these vaccines have become a priority for labs, drug suppliers, and health authorities everywhere.

As reported by the BBC last week, the EU has pre-purchased 300m doses of recently phase 3 trial approved BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine, and according to a report from the European Commission, has a wider vaccine portfolio of up to 800 million yet-to-be-approved vaccines from AstraZeneca, Sanofi-GSK, and Johnson & Johnson.

These and other vaccines currently in development will need to be kept at specific temperatures, either between -20°C and -80°C, or between 2°C – 8°C, from filling, to the moment they arrive with an end user. As a result, keeping vaccines at the required temperature throughout the cold chain – thus ensuring efficacy – will not be possible without the use of temperature-controlled packaging, some of which will require dry ice as a coolant.

ORCA Dry Ice Solutions

Intelsius’ ORCA dry ice solutions have the answer to the growing demand for COVID-19 vaccine delivery requirements. Available as either single-use, or multi-use systems, and available with real-time tracking capabilities, ORCA solutions combine dry ice and vacuum insulation panels, creating unparalleled performance when compared against other dry ice systems, ensuring costly temperature excursions are avoided.

VIPs vs EPS for dry ice

As illustrated in the above graph, ORCA dry ice solutions reduce the loss rate of dry ice, ensuring it can keep the payload at temperatures below -20°C for longer, giving your cargo 120+ hours of protection, versus the 96+ hours available with EPS based dry ice shippers.

Available in four different sizes, the Intelsius ORCA solutions provide payload volumes of between 1.5L and 50L, helping you ensure the efficacy and integrity of your cargo, anywhere in the vaccine cold chain.

Key features:

  • Superior dry ice shipper solutions using VIP insulation
  • Qualified against ISTA 7D profiles for a minimum performance of 120 hours
  • Superior insulation leading to a reduction in dry ice requirements
  • Multi-Use solutions available reducing packaging waste
  • Connected solutions available providing peace of mind through payload visibility

Offering optimum protection for:

  • Vaccines
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Reagents
  • Personalised medicines
  • High-value temperature sensitive materials

For more information, visit our ORCA solutions pages on our website.

Or consult our ORCA Dry ice solutions product sheet 

Alternatively, find your local branch and get in touch to discuss your temperature-controlled packaging requirements on our contact us page.

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