Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, is primarily known for shipping high-value biologics and pharmaceutical products but has recently branched out to aid successful tree propagation.

The global company’s USA office responded to a request from Sharp Tree Farm, a Florida-based wholesale nursery, who needed to send tree cuttings of its patented Sky ClimberTM Live Oak to California. Crucial to the survival of the cuttings, which have a greater rate of success than growing some species of trees from seed, they needed to be kept cool and moist for the trip between the two states to give them a chance to evolve into similar versions of their ‘mother tree’ over the next 15 years.

Using Intelsius’ PharmaTherm 80 2-8°C High Performance insulated shipping system, designed to offer optimal thermal protection for its payload, is pre-qualified to maintain payload integrity during shipments for up to 96 hours the young cuttings arrived intact.

Denise Boyett, General Sales Manager at Sharp Tree Farm, said: “The shipment went beautifully, and our customer in California could not believe how fresh the cuttings were and how well the container maintained the temperature.

“This project is of optimum importance to us as we continue to market our patented Sky Climber Live Oak to be the premier live oak for residential and commercial landscape projects throughout the Southeast/Texas and west to California. The PharmaTherm is without a doubt the right product for our needs.”

Alastair Harries, Intelsius Chief Operating Officer, said: “This project demonstrates Intelsius’ breadth of diversity in creating solutions for our customers, whatever the requirement. We pride ourselves in creating intelligent packaging that is regulatory compliant and environmentally sustainable, however in this instance, we have helped the environment through its plant payload too.”

Intelsius’ PharmaTherm range is qualified for use as 2-8°C, 15-25°C, and dry ice systems. They were tested against rigorous proprietary temperature profiles PharmaTherm is designed to give users confidence that the quality and efficacy of their payloads will not be compromised during even the most demanding of global cold chain shipping lanes.


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