Intelsius and local partners contribute to Holiday Mail for HeroesTHIS YEAR, the US office participated in the Red Cross Campaign, Holiday Mail for Heroes.  Tashawna Austin headed the efforts to have all staff, visitors, and vendors write a message to the US armed services.

According to its website, “Each year the American Red Cross assists more than 2 million service members and many of our nation’s 24 million veterans. In addition, we support military families military and veterans hospitals and provide emergency communications across the globe. And once a year, we get the joy of delivering holiday greetings to veterans, military families, and active-duty service members at hospitals and installations around the world.”

Here are the guidelines that the Red Cross suggested we provide our vendors and visitors.

“Every card received will be screened for hazardous materials and then reviewed by Red Cross volunteers working around the country.

Please observe the following guidelines to ensure a quick reviewing process:

¨ Ensure that all cards are signed.

¨ Use generic salutations such as “Dear Service Member.” Cards addressed to specific individuals cannot be delivered through this program.

¨ Only cards are being accepted. Do not send or include letters.

¨ Do not include email or home addresses on the cards: the program is not meant to foster pen pal relationships.

¨ Please refrain from choosing cards with glitter or using loose glitter as it can aggravate health issues of ill and injured warriors.

¨ If you are mailing a large number of cards, please bundle them and place them in large mailing envelopes or flat rate postal shipping boxes. Each card does not need its own envelope, as envelopes will be removed from all cards before distribution.”

“We are very proud of our inaugural campaign for the Red Cross Holiday Cards for Heroes,” said Tashawna Austin, warehouse associate.  “With 100 percent participation among Intelsius staff and enthusiastic support from vendors, visitors and family alike, we far exceeded my expectations on this event.”

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