We have over 20 years of experience in delivering sample transport packaging solutions to a global market, with a range of products suitable for transporting UN3373 Category B samples and temperature-sensitive payloads. Our existing, proven solutions can help you transport samples, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.



covid-19 packaging solutions

COVID-19 Packaging Solutions to Support Compliant Testing

We’ve seen a considerable rise in demand for our PathoPak, PathoShield, PathoSeal, and PathoPouch product ranges from health authorities across Europe, Asia, and the USA, with demand expected to rise as testing and screening of populations increase.

Designed for the transport of UN3373 Category B substances, these product ranges are fully compliant solutions for the transportation of COVID-19 samples for testing and analysis.

Our PathoPak and Pathoshield products provide complete shipping solutions for UN3373 sample transportation. In addition, our PathoSeal and PathoPouch products provide 95kPa flexible secondaries, which need to be paired with outers to compliantly transport samples for testing and analysis.

COVID-19 Sample Solutions
Graphic showing COVID-19-Vaccines and temperature control requirements

COVID-19 Packaging Solutions to Support a Vaccine Cold Chain

As the race to develop a vaccine continues, attention turns to the global vaccine distribution challenge. The vast majority of vaccines being tested and produced will require some form of temperature protection throughout the supply chain. This temperature protection could be at fridge 2-8°C or frozen temperatures below -20°C.

We have a portfolio of passive temperature-controlled packaging solutions qualified and tested to provide high performances and reduce costs when shipping temperature-sensitive materials through a cold chain.

Temperature Controlled Solutions

Understanding your requirements

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt and affect businesses and individuals worldwide. As experts in temperature-controlled and compliant sample transport packaging, we are increasing our stock levels of COVID-19 packaging solutions in the face of unprecedented demand. We are available to support our customers however required. Contact us now to discuss your specific cold chain and sample transport requirements.

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