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Qualification & Validation Support

  • What is qualification and why is it important?
    • By assessing a solution against a predefined set of acceptance criteria the solution can be qualified
    • For Packaging this can involve Design Qualification (DQ),Performance Qualification (PQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • What is Design Qualification?
    • Assessing the design of the solution to ensure appropriate properties such as dimensions, mass, temperature range, preparation time and facilities requirements
  • What is Performance Qualification? (laboratory testing)
    • Assessing the performance of the solution, often by means of a controlled extremes/worst case simulation in environmental chambers
      • Often demanding specific payloads, durations, temperature exposures and qualification
  • Intelsius offers Operational Qualification (field testing) and monitoring support
    • From field test design to monitoring (internal and external) data gathering and reporting in accordance with an existing quality structure
  • Intelsius can provide Validation Support
    • DQ, PQ & OQ come together to validate a solution
    • Validation is a process which determines the suitability of all processes for safe function, of which solution selection is a part

An ISTA-certified laboratory, Intelsius precisely designs, tests and qualifies packaging systems based on the external temperature extremes your product will encounter while in transit. By simulating packaging performance, we ensure the integrity of what’s inside it until it arrives at its destination.

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