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Mapping and Monitoring (Temperature and/or Route)

There are four ways to gather on route temperatures; ‘actual data’, ‘averaged data’, ‘percentiles’ and ‘worst case.’  Which one will work best for your sample or product?  Let the experts at Intelsius ask a few more questions to get your company started on the journey.

Intelsius will:

  • Identify temperature challenges faced given new routes, products, destinations and/or regulations
    • Knowledge-based short consultation
    • Data-based research project to identify potential risks
    • Real world/time trials-based research project into temperature risks
  • Identify risks within existing or proposed temperature control chains
    • Review and advise on proposed packaging, processes, internal and external SOPs and SLAs
    • Evaluate routes for risks and potential excursions
  • Provide and support data logging services for shipments – from configuration to reporting to data management
    • From providing data logger configured to meet a specific monitoring process requirements, to return and report service to a full data management integrated with a quality reporting system
  • Provide mapping and monitoring solutions for installed facilities and mobile assets
    • Fridge, freezer and temperature controlled spaces mapping including long term monitoring options in both installed and mobile assets
  • Review proposed new routes with existing carrier and service level quality agreements. Identify potential risks posed by delays in handling or customs, the effects of temperature extremes and suggest mitigations

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