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Consultancy + Training

Is your organization new to the temperature controlled or regulatory-compliant packaging industry or cold chain stream? Is your valuable payload worth protecting while it’s being shipped or transported? Do your employees need to know how to properly pack the payload and protection around it during the journey? If you answered yes to any of these questions your company needs the experts at Intelsius. Our team can guide your team step by step from the very beginning of the process or you may only need to update your SOP’s. Comprehensive services or a la carte, the experts at Intelsius are ready to help your organization take the next steps to success.

Intelsius will review the cold chain operations and identify the best approaches available by asking questions.  What are the temperature control/cold chain needs of your company and what is driving those needs? How do we address those needs intelligently and cost-effectively?  What else does Intelsius offer?

  • Identification of temperature control chain needs and consultation on facility requirements that may include:
    • Supporting documentation required, SOPs, monitoring needs, active and passive packaging needs, logistics needs
  • Consulting to assist in specification determinations:
    • Determine the number of systems required, the payload and performance requirements, the weight and volume and suitable testing requirements
  • Designing, product development and testing of custom temperature controlled packaging systems
  • Remote or on-site training for preparation, packing and handling of cold chain products that may include:
    • Graphics, training materials, live or recorded presentation, on site or remote provision of product- or process-specific training

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