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Auditing/Inspection (Services and/or Facilities)



Whether your company is new to the cold chain industry or been involved for decades, a set of fresh, expert eyes and lots of questions may be the keys to your company’s future success.

  • Temperature controlled services
    • Inspection of cold chain facilities, reporting and documentation, monitoring and exception management, providing reporting of concerns, observations and general remarks regarding cold chain practice
    • Inspection and assessment of temperature-controlled environment and personnel training
    • SOP development, training and implementation
    • Sample facility assessment questions
      • What is the accuracy (offset and resolution) of the temperature monitoring system?
      • At what intervals is the monitoring system calibrated?
      • Is there a written operating procedure for the storage of passive temperature controlled packaging components prior to preparation for assembly?
      • Are there controls on the release of the above components from storage to the preparation for assembly stage?

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