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Technical Services

Temperature Control & Compliance Experts

At Intelsius, we understand that the materials our products protect are uniquely valuable. Not just to you, but also to many others – in some cases, even to the whole world.

This requires us to be more than manufacturers. It requires us to be experts – a technical team with a deep understanding of the nuances of the industries we support. As a natural outcome of this reality, Intelsius has emerged as a valuable asset to our clients as not only a packaging expert, but also as a trusted advisor and partner.

Our team includes professionals with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, physics, supply chain, clinical trials and packaging technology. We assist clients in navigating the many regulatory compliance requirements associated with the development of temperature-controlled packaging solutions. Using a customized set of optimization tools and techniques, the Intelsius team will analyze your current supply chain and recommend ways to reduce costs and ensure compliance.

The goal is to arrive at solutions that extend to various stakeholders throughout your enterprise – as well as to external partners and customers. This way, we help you optimize resources, gain a competitive edge and drive innovation.

Intelsius technical services include:

Consultancy + Training

Is your organization new to the temperature controlled or regulatory-compliant packaging industry or cold chain stream?  Is your valuable payload worth protecting while it’s being shipped or transported?  Do your employees need to know how to properly pack the payload and protection around it during the journey?


Mapping and Monitoring (Temperature and/or Route)

At Intelsius, we know that your product may be valuable to the whole world one day.  Getting it to its destination safely, efficiently and cost effectively are just three of the dozens of goals we accomplish by identifying the best route for your product and monitoring its temperature along the journey.

Qualification & Validation Support

Major government agencies, leading pharmaceutical companies and life science organizations all rely on Intelsius to provide thoroughly tested and qualified packaging systems that meet regulatory compliance standards worldwide.

GxP Support

Our offering is limited only by what clients ask of us. Along with many off-the-shelf technical packaging solutions, we also customize sample transport packaging based on specific needs. From traditional sample transportation needs to complex, temperature-sensitive payloads, we provide solutions for all the challenges your company may face.

Design and process development services

We understand the costs involved in developing the next life-saving treatment or cure for the human or animals populations.  Patient safety is our top priority too – that’s why we take your company, product and philosophy to heart in designing the most cost-effective, regulatory-compliant, temperature controlled solution for your payload.


Auditing/Inspection (Services and/or Facilities)

“What are we not asking ourselves,” may be the opening question your organization needs to consider before deciding if your standards and procedures are up to date, efficient and regulatory compliant.