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Dry Ice Calculator
Which Intelsius dry ice shipping solution is right for our needs?  We get that question quite often and that’s why we’ve created the dry ice calculator.  Enter your payload dimensions and the duration required to calculate which Intelsius solution will work best to protect your valuable investment.  Don’t know off the top of your head how quickly 12 kilos of dry ice sublimates?  Yes, the dry ice calculator figures that too!

Search our Products
Tell us what you’re trying to protect and we’ll suggest the Intelsius product that’s perfect for your needs. From off-the-shelf, pre-qualified packaging systems to customized, temperature-controlled packaging solutions, Intelsius offers intelligent solutions to a variety of clients. Major government agencies, leading pharmaceutical companies and life science organizations all rely on us to provide thoroughly tested and qualified packaging systems that meet regulatory compliance standards worldwide.

2-8°C BioChill and PharmaChill Conditioning Guide

15-25°C BioChill and PharmaChill Conditioning Guide
“how-to” guides for the correct conditioning of your BioChill or PharmaChills to get the best out of your temperature controlled systems.

ORCA Conditioning Guides
All the expert know-how on conditioning your ORCA systems.

Label Guide
Not sure which labels to use? We’ve produced a handy guide to help.

GDP Worldwide Guidelines
The Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice first published in 1994 is being amended, expanded and becoming more uniformly regulated in September 2013. The European Commission intends to standardize the code relating to medicinal products for human use to reduce the number of adulterated pharmaceuticals introduced into the legal supply chain. While most pharmaceutical manufacturers have utilized GDP guidelines, many wholesale distributors and couriers are scrambling to attend to the GDP documentation requirements and training elements that all personnel involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain must receive.

Glossary of Convenient Terms
Like any industry we use a few acronyms and other industry-specific terminology in the temperature controlled, regulatory-compliant packaging world.  If you’d like to understand the differences between API and XPS take a look at this handy guide to terms we use in creating solutions for the life sciences industry.

Global Clinical Trial Supply and Management (Pharmaceutical Product Distribution) , World Courier Group
According to a leading specialty courier, “conducting a clinical trial is an expensive business. By some estimates, the cost of a study represents up to 60 percent of the total drug development cost, a figure that can top $1.2 billion before a product goes to market. One of the key line items in the clinical trial budget – particularly in light of the growing number of studies being conducted in emerging nations – is the cost of transportation and logistics services, an expense that can account for as much as 30 percent of the study budget.”  Take a look at the other valuable information in this industry overview presented by a leader in logistics and specialty courier services.