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PharmaTherm Pallet

PharmaTherm Pallet

Intelsius PharmaTherm Pallet

The Intelsius PharmaTherm Pallet shipping systems are designed to offer optimal thermal protection for pharmaceutical products. These shipping systems are pre-qualified to maintain payload integrity during shipments for up to 96 hours. The range is tested against Intelsius’ demanding High-Performance Dry Ice temperature, High Performance 2-8°C profiles, Controlled Room Temperature 15-25°C and High Performance 15-25°C profiles. These test profiles are designed to give users confidence that the quality and efficacy of their payloads will not be compromised during even the most demanding of global cold chain shipping lanes.

This particular PharmaTherm Pallet range is designed to ensure efficient use of shipping volume enabling minimal freight costs. High-density EPS insulated shippers are utilised for optimal thermal protection.

Download the PHARMATHERM Pallet Systems Product Sheet

Dry Ice Calculator – enter in your payload dimensions and duration required to calculate which Intelsius dry ice solution should be used.

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