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The Intelsius BioCarrier Range is a rigid, durable, reusable transit case designed for local courier routes and multiple site sample collections. The rugged polymer outer with the EPP insulated liner maintains sample integrity at 2-8°C for 12+ hours.

Designed to address regular route, multiple site sample collection and “home visit” temperature sensitive injectable drug protection. The regulatory marked outer case features a clasp closure allowing the lid to be secured and the cases to be stacked and locked together with the insulated liner acting as a leak-proof secondary.

Available in three sizes, each system is regulatory compliant with pre-printed UN3373 labels for the shipment of Category B biological substances. Qualified for 12+ hours, this product provides 2-8°C thermal protection.

When using with 95kPa primaries, this BioCarrier acts as a secondary and outer packaging in order to meet regulatory packing instructions. When primaries are not 95kPa compliant, Intelsius suggests the use of a 95kPa secondary pouch.

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