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Thermal Media

Thermal Media

Thermal Media Features

Intelsius produce a range of thermal media tailored to your performance requirements.

BioChills are semi-rigid foam pouches containing a mixture of water and solute ingredients to provide a long lasting phase change material ideal for 2-8°C solutions. BioChills also maintain their shape ensuring ease of packing.

PharmaChills are a range of rigid bottles for use within refrigerated 2-8°C shipments of pharmaceutical materials. They have been specifically designed to be reusable and, therefore, deliver a cost and environmental saving with each re-use.

Intelsius Cold Cell is a flexible water-based gel pouch coolant. It is supplied flat packed, and dehydrated, making it cost effective to transport and store. When required for use Cold Cell can simply be rehydrated by briefly soaking in water. It is then immediately ready to be frozen and used. Its innovative pocketed design separates the gel into small sections, allowing the sheets to be cut into smaller sections. This versatility allows Cold Cell to be used with a wide variety of payload sizes, whilst reducing waste.

Download the BioChill & Cold Cell Product Sheet

Download the PharmaChill & Cold Cell Product Sheet



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