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High value, temperature-sensitive drug products including vaccines, Investigational Medical Product (IMP) and biopharmaceuticals are shipped to challenging global destinations daily.  At Intelsius, we have the technical expertise to ensure that excursion risks are managed, costs are controlled and that patient safety is a priority.

ORCA 2-8°C solutions achieve superior year-round thermal protection for both extreme hot and cold challenges compared to alternative passive cold chain packaging solutions.

The innovative ORCA solution range:

  • provides superior thermal protection for high value, temperature sensitive payloads
  • is ATMOS™ (Analytical Thermal Modelling Software) enabled allowing quick risk assessment for the suitability of ORCA, with varied payloads, on routes around the world
  • allows greater controlled pre-conditioning to eliminate risk of cold shock
  • can extend performance and be held safely within a refrigerated environment without significant effect on total duration during an onward journey

High Performance

  • Universal packing configurations ensure year round protection of high value 2-8°C payloads for 140+ hours.
  • Achieve up to 50% reduction in volumetric weight for reduced distribution costs.
  • Highly stable proprietary Phase Change Material (PCM) allows precise and consistent melt-freeze transition to surround and protect the payload.
  • Controlled compression lid closures ensure consistent reliable thermal performance and payload protection.
  • Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) Technology ensure that  2-8°C compliance can be maintained against both extreme hot and extreme cold exposures.

The ORCA range also has the option of utilizing our advanced, patent-pending Thermocline Technology™ (TCT) that ensures enhanced protection and extended duration when shipping to hot global locations.

Technology Driven Testing (ATMOS™)

Every ORCA is ATMOS Enabled. Intelsius’ proprietary software allows users to quickly risk assess the suitability of ORCA with various payloads:

  • on new commercial routes or clinical trial sites
  • during periods of extreme weather across the routes
  • during global events such as ash clouds or hurricanes

Controlled Pre-Conditioning

Combining compressed VIP panels and utilizing Intelsius’ proprietary PCM ensures a high latent heat melt-freeze transition at precise temperatures.

  • Every ORCA Utektile™ Plate includes a Thermochromic Label to visually indicate and verify the readiness for packing
  • Innovative face design allows for increased surface area to improve pre-conditioning and reduce risk of cold shock
  • Intelsius proprietary PCM’s allow three options for controlled pre-conditioning. To view those options click here

Performance Data

ORCA has been tested and qualified at Intelsius’ ISTA certified lab, against stress tests and multiple industry standard profiles.