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Intelsius launches two new product ranges!

It is a very exciting day for Intelsius! Today we are launching not one, but two new product ranges. The announcement was made at IQPC Cool Chain Logistics Europe 2012 in Basel Switzerland by David Walsh, chief executive officer of Intelsius. The first is the Xtremotherm™ product range, which protects the integrity of critical ambient […]

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Intelsius Launches New Patient Safety Products

BASEL, Switzerland – Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, announces the launch of its new Thermotrek™ range of products. Thermotrek systems are a range of insulated, patient carry cases designed for movement of temperature sensitive medications either being tested in clinical trials or for approved and marketed medicines […]

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Intelsius Launches Extreme Exposure Range to Maintain Sample Integrity

BASEL, Switzerland – Intelsius, a DGP company, a manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging, today announces the launch of the new Xtremotherm™ – Defying Extremes™ range of products. Xtremotherm™ Extreme Exposure Systems range of shipping solutions protects ambient patient samples in extreme climates.  Xtremotherm solutions are designed to protect critical patient sample payloads against degradation […]

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The State Of Employment In Indiana – Looking Forward To A New Year!

Carl Rugenstein, Manager of Finance & HR Often the media seems to thrive on reporting bad news.  Unfortunately in the case of 2011 employment, they seem pretty close to the mark.  Indiana, and for that matter much of the rest of the United States, saw a reversal of the positive gains in employment during 2010.  2011 […]

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