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Active vs. Passive Systems

Alex Roskoss, Global Head of Technical Services There are two major ways to move temperature controlled products or payloads, passive provision or active provision of temperature control. Active systems are what you typically think of as temperature control; freezers, fridges and cold rooms. When it comes to shipments, these active systems are typically just mounted […]

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Industry Intelligence

The UK Health Secretary announced that outcomes for patients in 11 new areas of medicine will be audited, monitored and published. Results will be published from 2013 and on a regular basis thereafter (PharmaTimes 01-Nov-11). The European diabetes market earned revenues of $8.6 billion in 2010 and estimates it to reach $13.97 billion in 2017, a […]

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Bred for the Outdoors

Successful product distribution begins with the correct system design. However, ensuring the right temperature-controlled packaging specification, the correct system optimisation and the necessary parameter identification, should be top of the list for any packaging company. Read full article here

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