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ATMOS™: Present and Future

Alex Roskoss, Global Head of Technical Services ATMOS™ is Intelsius’ Advanced Thermal Modelling Software which allows us to design a temperature controlled packaging system to face your thermal challenges, while keeping the product at the desired temperature. The software simulates the heat flows inside a packaging system and between the system and the outside. The […]

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Operations 101: Always Working Behind the Scenes

David Miller, Manager of Operations – Americas Operations can mean different things to different companies, but here it can be defined as procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and logistics, or anything outside of sales, technical and finance. To better understand how operations work in conjunction with other areas of a company, let’s picture a watch. The […]

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Industry News – the latest from the life sciences industry

The world could be on the verge of getting its first malaria vaccine called RTS,S.  Results of previous clinical studies have shown that RTS,S reduced the risk of malaria infection by 53% over eight months, and 65% over six months, in children and infants, respectively (Discovery News 18-Oct-11). “Over 50 per cent of new drugs being approved […]

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Global Footprints: Why Footnotes on Headstones Helped Reopen my Eyes

David Walsh, CEO For most of us it is personal and it starts with a moment of clarity. It must be about five years ago that I first read Jared Diamond’s book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, which among other things explained what happened to all the people, and all the trees […]

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Meet an Intelsius Employee

Once a quarter look forward to meeting an Intelsius employee – we got answers to some hot topics. (Try and spot the temperature related questions!) Name: Alex Roskoss, Phd. Position: Global Head of Technical Services. I'm responsible for the New Product Development and testing of the solutions we offer and supporting the teams with the technical information and […]

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Intelsius Hires New Chief Financial Officer to Manage Continued Global Growth

Intelsius Hires New Chief Financial Officer to Manage Continued Global Growth (YORK, United Kingdom) – Intelsius, a global manufacturer and distributor of environmentally sustainable, temperature-controlled and regulatory-compliant packaging solutions, announced today that Alastair Harries has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Harries will oversee all finance-related activities including the company’s accounting, financial planning […]

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