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Neil Sherman

Technical Services Manager

Neil Sherman Neil Sherman worked as a lab researcher on the controlled growth of nanowires before joining Intelsius. In addition to overseeing new product development, Neil assesses new marketplace technologies, assists with technical sales inquiries and manages the ISTA-certified testing laboratory.

He is also responsible for driving continuous improvement processes and managing technical testing and reporting activities.  He contributes to business strategy, maintains accurate records and supervises staff within the technical team.  His combination of skill and experience make him a valuable asset to Intelsius and its clients.

Neil has a Master’s degree in physics from the University of York and started his career at Intelsius as the testing officer responsible for improving knowledge of the pharmaceutical cold chain and temperature controlled packaging.  He was promoted to cold chain engineer in 2010 and was instrumental in the design and development of some of most innovative packaging Intelsius has introduced.

Neil also utilizes new technology including ATMOS™ (Analytical Thermal Modeling Software) a predictive modeling software system that has revolutionized how temperature-controlled packaging is designed. Through years of extensive development, ATMOS is able to accurately predict the optimal system configuration for cold chain systems in hours rather than days. ATMOS’ true modeling capabilities and ability to handle massive amounts of information reduce the need for physical prototypes and extensive chamber testing, thereby shortening development times in the highly competitive life sciences industry.

In addition to his technical endeavors with Intelsius, Neil enjoys hiking, cricket, reading and entertaining his two daughters.  Ask him why he drove from the UK to Ulan Bator, Mongolia to aid the Mercy Corps.